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Discover why research sites and sponsors love Florence eHub for real-time site startup, access & quality control without paper.

The future of sponsor and site connectivity is here

How does Florence eHub work?

Deliver Startup Documents to Sites

Eliminate the need for mailing, emailing, and faxing study start-up documents and protocols to research sites.

  • Build your study file structure within your existing eTMF, or Florence eTMF.

  • Publish eTMF file structures directly into Florence eHub, a secure and compliant shared workspace.

  • Send to a single site, or all of your sites, in one click.

  • Sites only see the files they are granted access to within their eISF.

Keep Sites on Track

Easily give CRAs the ability to assign tasks and specify deadlines for sites.

  • Assign tasks to each individual site or across the study.

  • Build project timelines delivering actionable insights into startup progress.

  • Sites notified of required documents in real-time.

Monitor Site Progress and Source

Gain real-time insights into individual site, and study-wide, progress and source documents.

  • Global view of all of your sites status in one place.

  • Actionable insights into individual site progress.

  • Identify potential delays and compliance risk across your study sites.

  • Immediately respond to risk-based monitoring issues.

Quality Control Site Documents

Ensure document quality before syncing back with your eTMF structure.

  • Completed documents are held in queue until CRAs review.

  • CRA can reject file with comments, sending it back to sites for an update.

  • Review full audit trail of the document.

  • Approved documents are synced to the correct location within the eTMF

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