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“We needed a one stop shop for eSignatures and regulatory documents in a single unified system and Florence eBidners was the perfect solution for us.” – Lauren, Regulatory Manager

“There’s no more holdups or delays getting startup documents signed and completed.” – Yvonne, Research Startup Manager

“Moving into Florence eBinders was really great for us, and has allowed our investigators, staff and monitors so much more ease – it’s been wonderful.” – Ashley, Research Manager

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 Clear insights into what needs to be done

  • Global view of all of your studies in one place
  • Actionable tasks to keep you on track
  • No more losing documents or forgetting deadlines
  • Easy-to-use and flexible for your entire team
Florence eBinders Overview 
 Fully compliant, easy-to-use, eSignatures

  • Signing documents is a breeze with our eSignature tool
  • Actionable workflows that eliminate repetitive tasks like requesting signatures, notifying users, and chasing down documents
  • Intuitive “Sign and go to next” feature enables easy step-by-step process for signing documents
  • Fully compliant and accepted by regulatory bodies and sponsors
eSignatures Part 11 Compliant 
 Project management tools accelerate study startup and progress 

  • Know where all your studies are and which ones are off track
  • Easy visibility into multi-site studies
  • Stay on track with study startup and anticipate potential delays
  • Uncover bottlenecks and reduce barriers to startup
Study Startup Project Management 
 Enable true remote monitoring with audit trails

  • Full document and binder audit trails track views and changes
  • Grant remote access to sponsors, IRBs and regulatory bodies
  • Seamlessly manage how and when monitors can access particular binders and documents
  • Easily and automatically redact parts of files and binders
Audit Trails and Remote Monitoring 
 Eliminate redundant processes with complete system integration

  • Connect with CTMS, EMR, eTMF, Email, and other tools you use
  • Edit documents directly inside of eBinders
  • Eliminate manual transfer of source documents with instantaneous uploads into a regulatory eBinder
  • Streamline communication with your CTMS saving you valuable time and reducing the risk of compliance errors
  • Forward emails directly into the appropriate site/study binders
Integration Florence eBinders Editor