Florence eBinders

Discover how 5,000+ research sites accelerate their research by managing their eRegulatory and eSource with Florence eBinders.

Florence eBinders

Florence eTMF

Discover how sponsors are accelerating research and managing operations more efficiently with the most flexible eTMF available.

Florence eTMF

Florence eHub

Sponsors+CROs can now digitally connect their eTMF with research site eISFs to streamline document exchange and remote monitoring.

Florence eHub
Florence eBinders | eRegulatory and eSource Solution

Florence advances clinical trials through software for managing document and data flow between research sites and sponsors. Florence eBinders is trusted by 6,200+ Investigators to manage eRegulatory/eSource for over 1,200 studies, Florence eTMF is the most flexible eTMF on the market with a wide range of innovative features, and Florence eHub is revolutionizing site-sponsor connectivity in a virtual site workspace for site oversight, monitoring, startup, and document exchange.

  • 25% Faster Startup Time

  • Part-11 and HIPAA Compliant

  • Easy-to-use Interface

  • Flexible Workflows

  • Extensive Software Integrations

  • 40% Reduced Document Cycle Time

  • Intuitive Site-Sponsor Connectivity

  • Robust Training

  • Custom SOPs

  • Proven Return on Investment

Trusted by Over 6,200 Investigators, Sponsors and CROs

“We manage multicenter studies and eBinders gives us the power to be several places at once. It works really well for remote regulatory document review and enrollment approvals, and as a result, gets sites up and running quickly.”

Ashley Friend
Clinical Trials Manager